Quote:If you like your suspense fast and furious, you’ll love Peter Hurley’s tale of warring city gangs and gun runners in Toronto, Canada. Myles Kennedy, an investigative reporter finds himself being threatened by gang members, as well as the police as he works to uncover the truth about why his brother-in-law’s death wasn’t a suicide.

Beyond the Rain-Peter Hurley - A Debut Mystery Suspense Novel

    Grab a coffee, scotch or beer! Free up your day and settle in with Beyond the Rain’, Peter Hurley’s debut novel, a must read. You will be riveted from the get go. It’s a real page-turner that held me spellbound from the first paragraph. Mr. Hurley certainly doesn’t waste time. A murder jumps out at you on the very first page and the mysterious Sheldon Winters appears. Who is he and what does he do? Read the book to find out. You will not be disappointed.
  Beyond the Rain is a fast paced, heart pounding account of Myles’ journey in the midst of gang wars, guns and drugs. It is also a story of family bonds, loyalty, the quest for truth and redemption. You will find yourself rooting for Myles, hoping everything works out for him and enjoying the sweet love and respect that slowly grows between the reporter and his assistant, Danni Martins.
Beyond the Rain had me flipping pages at a breakneck speed, trying to get to the end to find out what happened. You will be left gasping by the shocking ending and wondering where the nearest defibrillator is to jumpstart your heart. Suzanne M. Hurley

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